Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Girls Night Out - Life Lesson of the Day

I think you will agree with me when I say that all women enjoy a "girls night out". We get to get out of the house, enjoy female company, and let loose. But the most fun of all is talking about men. Be it we are bashing them or proclaiming our love for them we love talking about them. Once the drinks have started to flow and everyone is getting nice and comfy with each other the topic of sex is surely going to come up.

I'm telling you this because of something that happened at work. Some of the ladies I work with invited me to a “toy party”. You ladies know what I’m talking about. I had all intentions to go…ahhh but alas…I had a hard day at work, a parent/teacher conference (which meant seeing my ex aarrrggg) and then a trip to the grocery. So I was just too exhausted to get out of the house. I am very sorry I didn't make it to the party because from what I was told, I missed the party of they year! The next day at work the ladies who had gone were talking about what fun they had had. One of my co-workers had been kind enough to bring in catalog so the rest of us could see what we had missed. Well of course I wanted to see it...I'm always interested in the latest and greatest. The catalog contained all of the usual stuff…creams, pheromone oils and lotions, etc.... and you all "know" what "etc." stands for. Well you know how girls talk and talking about the party the night before lead our conversation to each of our sex lives. Whether men know it or not women love to talk about their sex lives. But then again we are women and women love to talk about everything. Since I have gotten older I am very open minded and not shy about talking about anything and sex is no exception. But as my co-workers and I are talking I am amazed at how some people are not as open minded as me, who would a thunk it? lol But what blows my mind are some of the things that are said by the women who are married! Now in all respect a lot of the women I work with are young and very inexperienced and I understand that. They are curious and sometimes just down right funny at the questions they will ask. But what about the women who are married and how they talk about NEVER doing this and NEVER doing that and how they would NEVER own a toy let alone use one with their partner. WTF????? I mean…I am single but I have sex toys and I want to bring them into my sex life as much as possible.

The reason being….most men just do NOT have ANY idea on how to "seal the deal" for me. And from my conversations with other women I am not the only one that has been left "high and dry" while our partner rolls over and goes to sleep. Why not...they have gotten what they wanted. And ya know..some of that is our faults for not being honest with men. When men asked how they did in bed with us...we should tell them THE TRUTH!! Maybe then they would try harder next pun intended...well... maybe a little...haha. Am I right or am I right?

Back to the subject at hand... (there's another one, ha ha) Some of these married women can not even pronounce the word orgasm!!! Let alone they have one for God’s sake!! I dunno? One of them even cringes at the thought of giving her husband, for better term, "oral pleasure" I just do not understand this…. Okay...I could rant about this for days so back to theme of the party I missed "the toys".

Toys are what they are.... “toys”... and what are we supposed to do with toys?…We are to PLAY with toys.

One nice thing about being a little older is sometimes you grow a little wiser along the way. So …. Be it for a night or be it for a lifetime if you can’t play around and enjoy yourself with the person you are having sex with…then why are you having sex with them at all? Save yourself the waste of time and energy, you're are having sex with the wrong person. As the saying goes "It's Better to be Lonely and Alone than to be Lonely and In Love" ATTENTION.....this is a new day and time ladies, buy yourself a toy and enjoy what God gave you.... at least you can be yourself with yourself. Don't deny yourself, life is just too short. Live life to the fullest, savor it, and enjoy each and every moment that you can!!

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