Saturday, October 4, 2008

Could it be Karma for O.J. Simpson?


~ What Comes Around, Goes Around ~

O.J. Simpson releases a heavy sigh as the charges were
read and was immediately taken into custody.

Exactly 13 years to the day that O.J. Simpson was cleared of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, he was found guilty of robbing two sports-memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Funny how people always tell us to beware of this thing called Karma. Some people believe in it and others do not. Here is a prime example of why you should beware of Karma.

It seems that Simpson's lawyers through the trial argued that this incident was not a robbery. Simpson was just trying to get back mementos that he said had been stolen from him and he didn't ask anyone to bring any type weapons with them and that he did not in fact see any guns. Though in the trial there were witnesses and audio tape that would suggest otherwise, and I have heard talk that Simpson had these mementos put away or had given them to someone so they wouldn't be sold and the money be awarded to Ronald Goldman's family. "Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive."

Throughout the trial prosecutor David Roger had argued that when Simpson and his friends went into the hotel room and detained two victims by force with the intent to take property from them, that then would be kidnapping. And that it is a crime to take things by force and that Simpson's ownership of the memorabilia was irrelevant. I'm not sure I quite understand this concept but I do understand the fact that you can't go in and take things by force. If these were rightfully Simpson's things and he just wanted them back why didn't he call the police and just get them back? Hmmm....

I don't know about you....but I'm thinking I don't wanna take my chances with karma. I am far from perfect. I have made plenty of mistakes in my life and I have been bitten in the ass by karma enough times to have hopefully learned my lesson's from it and will not make the same mistakes again.

So The Life Lesson of the Day is: "Treat Others As You Would Want To Be Treated" Don't you agree that the world would be such a better place if everyone did? And if you don't then you will have to deal with "Mistress Karma" and you really don't want to deal with her, do you?. If your still undecided just ask O.J. kidnapping is punishable by five years to life in prison. Armed robbery carries a mandatory sentence of at least two years behind bars, and could bring as much as 30 years. Sentencing was set for Dec. 5.

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