Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Groupie Tale on Hallow's Eve

In Honor of Halloween


I wanted to post a video of one of my favorite comedians Stephen Lynch doing his Halloween Song. By the way, the guy pictured above is not Stephen Lynch, his name is China. I will get to China later on, but back to Stephen Lynch and his awesome Halloween song!!I wanted to post the video right on my page, BUT I can not seem to figure out how to post a video from youtube. If anyone out there can help me it would be greatly appreciated. But this is something I really want you to see, I'm sure you will enjoy it so if you click this link Halloween Song you wont be disappointed, it's hilarious.


So tomorrow is Halloween!! I am so excited!! It's going to be a very busy night for me. First I am taking my daughter trick or treating. Then I may do some fun "adult" trick or treating" myself so I may not have time to post a blog. So I thought I would take the time tonight to post yet another Groupie Tale for your enjoyment!! So here goes


The Rocker Boi Who Changed My Life
So it was not such a happy time in my life. My husband had filed for divorce. I had gained mucho pounds with the pregnancy of my daughter. I was faced with the challenge of being a single Mom with no family here at all in Arizona where I reside and really no emotional support from anyone. You could say I was pretty depressed. Well..what always pulls me through? That's right music, rock and roll. So one of my best friends of all time "V" said she was flying out to Arizona to come and visit me. That was great! AND... Our hometown guy friend who plays for a famous band was doing a show here then in Los Angeles and then Las Vegas. So my daughter was going to be with her father and we were going to go on a road trip and hit all three concerts! I couldn't wait to get out and experience a concert again! Since I had become a mother and had gained weight I really didn't go to any concerts. So this was going to be such a fun time and with my Lady Friend "V" coming it was definitely going to be a blast!!


So "V" flies in and we catch up. She is one of those friends that it doesn't matter if it has been years since you have seen each other it always seems just like yesterday. So the day of the first concert here in Phoenix what do we do? We head out to the venue to talk to our friend and to make sure we have passes for that night. So much had changed since I had became a mother. I actually had an in home childcare business and so we went to the venue in my mini van with 6 children in tow. Yup... it was a sight to see. But I stayed with the children while "V" went and retrieved our friend and made sure the passes were there for us for that night and everything was set to go. So we went to the concert that night and everything was very cool. That was Thursday night. I had taken Friday off of work so Friday morning we head to L.A. for the show at the House of Blues.

We arrived in L.A. got to our hotel, non other than the Riot House right across the street from The House of Blues. Our friend got us passes and V.I.P. for concert at the House of Blues. If you have never been in V.I.P. at the House of Blues it is a MUST. There are different little rooms and little niches' in which to converse, a patio and of course a bar. It was so very Rock N Roll.


So I am sitting there on one of the couches and in walks "my type" of guy. Long black hair, black leather trench coat, black leather shorts down to his knees, fishnet stockings, big healed black leather boots, eyeliner, oh type of guy all the way. That is one thing about L.A. every time I go there I see this type of guy. It feels like home. So in walks this guy, at first I think it's Nikki Sixx, (mostly because of the hair) but also because Nikkie had written a song for the band that my friend plays for and I thought he just may have popped in to say hello. As soon as I see this guy "V" says, "Oh God, that one was made just for you" or something to that effect. So I admire him from afar and the night goes on. A little later "V" and I go down to the bottom floor of the HOB to take a look around. While we were going back in the elevator to V.I.P. we notice this guy along with about 3 others are in the elevator with us. "V" strikes up a conversation with him the elevator door opens and and we all walk to the bar. He and I start talking and its as if I had known this guy forever. His name was China, he was so very strange but yet magnetic. He intrigued me. He played for a well known band and later I would go out and buy the c.d., of course I would. He and I hung out all night long, just he and I. ("V" is a people person and she was having a good time talking and being the social butterfly that she is.) I even remember when China and I walked through the t.v. room on the way to the outside patio one of the managers was sitting on a couch with a group of people who looked frightened of my new friend. Which I found hilarious.
I heard the manager say,
"That's just China, he's harmless"

Now you may be wondering how this Rocker Boi changed my life, well I will tell you. As I mentioned before I had gained weight with my pregnancy and I tried to get it off, but I was bigger than I had ever been in my life and it was a battle. When you are bigger than you have ever been you tend to lose confidence in yourself. Well...just the fact that China was hanging with me all night meant a lot, but it was something he said to me. I remember it as if it was yesterday. We were outside on the patio just he and I. The subject of sex came up. We talked about what we liked and such, then he stood up and asked me to stand up. He walked around behind me and said

"I really like your ass, yeah, you have a really nice ass...mmmmm"

and that was it, but that's what it took to boost some kind of confidence in me. After that night I started losing weight and I have NEVER been that big again!! He have me my confidence back and that changed my life. It really did. I saw him the next year at NAMM and I was so proud to be smaller and for him to see it too. I did tell him how he affected me and my life. He and I have kept in touch through out the years. Sometimes I will ask him advice about a guy I am interested in and he tells me the guy point of view. He always watches out for my best interest. It's funny how two souls find each other, how you meet someone and it feels as if you have known them your whole life and can talk to them about any and everything.

You know most of the time Rocker Boi's are out for one thing, or multiple things. It seems they always want something. But China, he gave unto me, he changed my life. I have never met another like him, and I doubt I ever will. I will never forget him. He will always have a special place in my heart.
Forever and Always
Needless to say after the concert Friday Night at the House of Blues "V" and I didn't make it to the concert Saturday night in Las Vegas ha ha ha

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh, What to Wear?

Decisions.... Decisions....
Well, Halloween is fast approaching and I still haven't decided on a costume. I do have one for trick or treating with my daughter. We are going to be matching this year. We are matching bumble bee's, me being the Queen Bee of course.
I have been invited to an adult Halloween party and I wanted to wear something really cool. So here are my options.
Option One: I have the sexy Queen Bee that can be worn with fishnet hose instead of the leggings I will be wearing with the costume when I am with my daughter.

Option Two: A Nuns outfit. Which is pretty cool since my name is Theresa I can go as St. Theresa! All of you that know me can get a big laugh out of that one!

Option Three: Now this is the one I had my heart set on, but I have to "make" it myself. Because I didn't like the "costume" I saw, but I liked the idea. This costume consists of me taking a sturdy cardboard box and cutting it into a a doughnut shape, also cutting a round table cloth with a hole big enough for my head to fit through. Then hot gluing a alarm clock, vase with flower and maybe some condoms to the top. Wearing a lampshade on my head and going as a "One Night Stand"!! Below is the image that gave me the idea, but mine would have been as I stated above

Option Four: Which I just thought of tonight. Going as a "Peacemaker!" Which consists of me cutting out the Roger Clyne and Peacemaker symbol out of sturdy cardboard and painting it poking two small holes in the cardboard to put some type string or something which to drape around my neck so it will look like I'm wearing a big sign. Along with a Roger Clyne and Peacemaker Cowboy Hat a Roger Clyne and Peacemaker T-Shirt and my jeans with my Roger Clyne and Peacemaker patch on the back pocket. Not to mention both of my Roger Clyne and The Peacemaker Tattoo's I have will be visible. I can also bring along my wooden tray with the Roger Clyne and Peacemaker Symbol on it with my Roger Clyne and Peacemaker shot glass and some tequila and go around offering everyone shots and saying "Here's To Life" AND I can bring along an IPOD with all of the Roger Clyne and Peacemaker music I have downloaded and have it playing. All in all I think my "Peacemaker" outfit/costume is the most original.... so...... I have no picture of this since it is all in my mind.

I think I have made my choice....
I'm gonna be a "Peacemaker" which I am in my heart anyway!!

If Your Bottles Empty Help Yourself to Mine, Thank You For Your Time and Here's to Life !
~ Roger Clyne~


Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Tale ~ The Sure Thing

A Not So Wise Man Once Told Me...
Unlike many tales I will be posting this tale will consist of no famous, as you know them, rockers. This is just a story of some Rocker Boi's I've known for a long, long, time. Well...let me take that back. One of them is the lead guitarist for a famous Rock N Roll band today, so yeah, I guess there is a famous rocker boi in this tale.
It amazes me sometimes, or should I say "used" to amaze me the women that Rocker Boi's pick to be with. I was at a show of some of my best Rocker Boi friends, whom I have known forever when they were playing a club in Evansville Indiana. It was always such a fun time hanging out with them. It was just like watching t.v. or being at the movies because they were so damn entertaining. I could just watch them just be themselves for hours and laugh my ass off! They were so comical and witty!! Guess that is what lured me to bands in the first place. These are not normal people, I mean they are to an extent, but they are artists and artists are a little off balance. If you know what I mean.
Which leads me to a night that I will never forget. It's probably been almost 20years ago and I remember it as if it were yesterday. The band was playing an out of town gig. We all had hotel rooms at the same hotel. My girlfriends and I drove separate from the guys to the gig. They had to get there and schmooze before going onstage and we girls had to primp. Anyway we get there and the night is going good. The band got really good reception from the crowd and fun was being had by all. Now one of my girlfriends had a crush on the drummer. The other "Tina" could have cared less about any of them. I on the other hand did think that the singer was HOT! But I had known him since High School. He had actually been in the same class as my big brother, so I was off limits. Which was cool to everyone, except me!! But I worshiped him from afar, just like I had always done since the day I first saw him and at this time it was years prior to this night. He and I were friends just as I was with the rest of they guys. The other guys always considered me something like a sister, which was cool with me. But I did secretly have a crush on the singer, or I thought it was a secret.
So the night wore on. Several girls in the club saw me and the guys (band) talking. Most of the time girls would approach me and ask about the guys. I usually would take them and introduce them to whichever they were asking about or wanted to meet. I would call it my job as cupid, or I would like to think. So several girls came up to me wanting the same as all the others, but, on this particular night there were a few girls that were just drop dead gorgeous. I thought the guys would pounce at this opportunity. Don't get me wrong, the guys got girls, that is for sure, but these girls were so pretty and nice and sweet. I just knew I would make one of them a love connection. Well I did my duty and introduced them and went my way.
I had been drinking that night, and was pretty much buzzed. The show was over, bar was closing so my girlfriend Tina and I went to try to find our other friend so we could ride back to the hotel with her. We couldn't find her, so the manager asked if we wanted to ride with him and the guys back to the hotel. It was the first time we had ever been to Evansville or the club we were at, so we accepted the offer. I was seated in between the manager and the drummer (God Forbid) and my girlfriend Tina was in the back when up walks up our friend and starts cussing at me because I was sitting next to the drummer (the guy she had a crush on) and wanted to know why I wasn't riding back to the hotel with her. So being the nice person that I am told her no problem, I would ride with her, I just couldn't find her earlier. So I got out (Tina stayed and rode with the band) and we headed toward her car. Okay here comes one of the strange parts of the night . They singer (the one I secretly liked) came up to me, while I was standing by the car and just leaned down and kissed me, not a little peck, but a good, long, kiss. I will never forget that, nor will I forget that when it was over and I looked at him, that he was holding the hand of another girl and walked off with her, just like that. I never knew if he did what he did to boost his ego or what? Now that I'm older, yeah, I'm sure that is what it was all about. Anyway like I said I was standing by the car, he walks off with other girl in hand. Then my girlfriend starts yelling at me for sitting next to "her guy" earlier and says she is NOT gonna give me a ride back to the hotel and freaking takes off in her car? WTF? She left me there, at the bar, with no way home. By luck the door to the bar was still open and the manager of the bar told me one of the bartenders would give me a ride to the hotel. I had no other choice, so I agreed and nameless bartender gave me a ride. Thank God this dude was an honest, non rapist guy. He got me there safe and sound.
I walked into our room and my girlfriend Tina was rolling her eyes and shaking her head. I looked around and other friend (who we will call psycho from now on) was in a hot pink teddy with black mascara running down her face crying because her "so called guy" was in HIS hotel room with another girl. In fact it was him and another band member in the room with this other girl. We found out later this other girls name was Snuggles. I'm not kidding, this girl called herself Snuggles. Well Psycho girl kept going to his room and pounding on the door, then she would make her way back to our room crying. I did not feel sorry for her, not at all. I knew this guy didn't like her, she a friend, but not a long time friend and not really a friend of the bands. They had all told me she was a bit psycho, but I believe in giving everyone a chance. It had been a long night for me and I just wanted to go to bed and dream of the kiss I got earlier. I didn't care about her, hell, she left me stranded at the bar. So that is what I did, I went to bed.
The next morning I proceeded to tell Psycho she was no longer a friend of mine. A friend would not leave a friend at a bar, in a different state, at a club she had never been to before stranded at 2am in the freaking morning. I told her not to call me once we got home or contact me ever again. If she did I wouldn't respond. You know what, I have held true to those words. If she thought that little of me, then screw her!!
Back to the guys and the reason for this story. Me and my girlfriend Tina were sitting on the steps early that next morning smoking when we saw this "Snuggles" leave the hotel, and she was nothing to write home about. In fact she looked pretty worn out and trashy. I asked them why, when I had introduced them to such beautiful sweet, nice girls the night before, that they ended up with this Snuggles person?. You know what they said, and I believe this to be true in the hearts of all men. They said "why would we want nice, sweet girls when we can have a chick like Snuggles who will do anything and everything we want?" Case Closed.
There you have it. If a guy is not ready to settle down, which these guys were far from it, they are going to go for what they can get. If they are in that mind set they will go for who will give them the most of what they want, how they want it, when they want it and where they want it. Now I'm not saying a man doesn't like a challenge, but sometimes, and Im thinking more than not, a man wants the sure thing. A sure thing that wont interrupt their lives, a sure thing that expects nothing in return, a sure thing that doesn't want to meet thier family, a sure thing that they care nothing about and will never see again.
Snuggles my dear readers, was just that.
"A Sure Thing"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Over Already?

Girls Weekend

This weekend was "my" weekend with my daughter. So that meant no partying, which is okay with me. I love spending time with my daughter. She is getting old enough now to be my friend as well as my daughter, which is really cool.


Friday Night
So Friday night there was a Fall Festival for Make A Wish Foundation at the school where I teach. My daughter always loves to join me for this event so it was a lot of fun for both her and I. We were so cute!! We had matching costumes, we both were dressed like bumble bee's! This is the first year we have had matching costumes. She has always wanted to do this, but I never wanted to be Tinker Bell, which is what she always wanted to be. So this year we agreed on bumble bee's. Lots of games and food and fun!! So Friday was a fun night for both of us!


Well one thing that's always on the Saturday routine is running errands. So we did all of that boring, post office, etc. But there was also some cool stuff like..... looking at a new apartment. I found an apartment is much bigger than the one my daughter and I are now in and I wanted to know if my daughter liked it before I made any major decisions. So I took her and showed her the apartment and she LOVED IT!! Which took a load off of my mind. So come the last week in November my daughter and I will be moving into a new, bigger place!! Which is awesome great news for the both of us!

Next we went shopping for pumpkins. We both love carving pumpkins at Halloween. We went with the thought in mind of picking out just the right pumpkins for what we were carving. I picked the perfect one for my favorite "Michael Meyers" and my daughter picked out a wonderful one for her "Spider". Pumpkin shopping was the last stop for the day. Thank Goodness! So after a long day of running around, we ate dinner then decided to pick out a movie to watch together. She wanted to watch the movie "Sex in the City"

I had already seen the movie and I think that every young girl should see more movies like this one. There are a lot of lesson's in that movie that we only get to know as we grow older and sometimes it is good to have a "heads up". So I agreed to watch the movie with her. Sure she asked lots of questions, but ya know what? I answered them with honesty. That is one thing about me and my daughter. I always am honest with her as I hope she is with me now and will be with me as she gets older.



My daughter wakes me up Sunday morning proclaiming that if we go to the movies before noon we can get in for $5.00 each and she just MUST go see High School Musical 3. So I got out of bed earlier than I wanted and we headed out to AMC. I really did not want to go and see this movie. I don't know why...I just didn't think I would find it enjoyable. We get there, get situated and the first scene was of a basketball game. That is a plus!! because I am a HUGE basketball fan. From there I have to admit, I did find it enjoyable. I don't think I would sit through it again. But it was an enjoyable for me and my daughter to see together.

I am so glad that me and my daughter can enjoy things like movies, carving pumpkins and even just running errands. Because I know there will come a time when she will be a teen and she will find me so uncool. Just as I as a teen found my mother so uncool. I hope it doesn't happen, but I'm sure it will to an extent and I'm not looking forward to that day. So for now I am enjoying the time that we do have together. When we can laugh, talk, sing, and just have plain old fun! These are the times I will treasure....and I do.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Think It's Time For A Rant

Ex's Are Our Ex's For A Reason
Okay, here I am. I had a very long day at work. 830am till 8pm would qualify for a long day I think. My daily routine when get home is to check my email, then from there I check my myspace email. I have to tell you I have been on myspace since 2003. It was a cool place then and still is to a degree now but wow, a couple years ago it just took off. Now everyone is on myspace.
Anyway back to my story or my "Rant" if you will.

In June of 07' I had a breakup with a guy I had been seeing for 4yrs. Yes I was stupid in this relationship. Yes, he cheated on me and lied to me constantly. But as some of us women do I hung around for the "good times" that we shared. And for a while the "good times" out weighed the bad, until......
He started seeing this one girl who was also on myspace. It's so funny how myspace can break a relationship in two. But I am thankful for myspace because you can always tell what your "guy or girl" is up to. This other girl knew that my guy and me were in a relationship and she didn't mind taking the back seat. When I say this I mean, I was the one at Christmas dinner with his family. I was the one who went on vacations with him and his family. I was the one who had all the holidays with him. She just kinda waited in the wings, waiting for the right time to pounce. Needles to say he cheated on me with this girl time and time again. It was easy for him because you see we lived two hours away from each other. So when I was not there....she was. But it was awfully nice of her to post on myspace all of the "fun" she was having with him when I wasn't around now wasn't it? Even with all of the things this girl posted...I believed him when he would tell me this girl was only trying to start trouble between us and he was so innocent. Yeah, I know plaster stupid on my forehead and just call it a day.

But was me in my past life. When we broke up I got my feet on the ground and learned that I didn't need a man to live. THANK GOD I finally realized that one!! So I got on with my life, met and went out with other men and started living again as a single woman and taking a lot more time to focus on me. Well...all is well...then my ex's new companion text messages me. Not only does she text message me, she text messaged me 23 times within a few hours in one day. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had to get a restraining order put on her in summer of 06' for her stalking me and sitting outside of my apartment for hours and then trying to do something to my car in the night which the security guard caught her before she could do any damage and called the police, which lead the the restraining order in the first place . Well...with all of the text messages I again had to go to the police to have them tell her to leave me the hell alone! I never once tried to contact this girl, ever, but by God, she was/is always trying to contact me and get back at me. Get back at me? I don't understand this because she is the one who has him now, the lying cheat that he is. Do any of you understand this? I don't.(Maybe she is still mad that I agreed to keep our date last December for him to take me to Denver to see the Bronco's play. We had planned this months before we broke up so I agreed to still go after the breakup. I think this made her really mad. And the fact that up until the text messages he was still a friend whom I spoke to from time to time.) So after I go to the police yet again she no longer tries to contact me but she posts blogs on myspace to me. Okay, yes I know I shouldn't be looking at his or hers myspace pages, but this guy was a part of my life for 4years, and yes she has him now, and I am a woman, I am curious so yes, I look. Both of their pages are public. Mine however is private and has been since I joined. But looking at their pages now doesn't hurt me, but rather makes me laugh. It makes me laugh because of all the things she does to try to entice me to confront her. This latest scheme is a doosey and the whole reason for this blog tonight.
She always posts about the things they are doing and the places they are going. But ya know what...Ive been all those places and have done all of the things she is so excitedly looking forward to, so that's amusing in itself because she thinks its something new. But this last thing she has done has taken the cake. It was not only amusing to me, but degrading to her in the sense that she has dropped to such a high school level of trying to get to me that it makes her look bad. I mean if I was someone who didn't know this whole scenario and looked at her myspace page I would think she is totally psycho...and by the way that is the nickname she calls herself...psycho.

Okay...this is the comment she put on his (my ex's) page (for my benefit, I have no doubt)
" Thank you babe for my Halloween costume ;) I'm glad you liked the way it looked on me :)Oh and thanks for the rug burn .. That was HOT !! ;) and what led up to the rug burn was even HOTTER !! GRRRRRRRRRRR !! LOVE YOU !!!!"
Now would you post that on your boyfriends myspace page? I don't know a lot, but I am old enough to know that you don't publicise how hot you think your bf is unless you want everyone else out there to think your boyfriend is also and that always backfires because 1. Your making him look hot (so others are curious) 2. It says he has a girlfriend, so that screams unattainable which in turns screams CHALLENGE which in turn makes him more attractive so everyone is going to try to hit on him. (Maybe my logic is crazy but that is the way my mind works.) Okay...whatever right? She is getting laid by him. I got laid by him for 4 years, it's nothing to boast about.
But today I noticed her profile pic was of her in her Halloween costume. So I went to her page and saw new pics up. I couldn't quite make out what they were.... here you take a look and tell me what you think.

Well I kept looking and looking then it finally dawned on me. These are pictures of her freaking rug burned knees!!! What kind of person would do this? I don't know, maybe someone childish and petty? Am I being ridiculous or are these pictures ridiculous? You know karma, as I have written about before, has a way of coming back and biting you in the ass. I know I shouldn't look, but I do. I am quite nosy by nature, that is just me. She thinks all of this hurts me. Rest assured that it doesn't hurt me but me continuing to look helps to remind me why he is my ex and someone that I am glad I have out of my life.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Obsession of Perfection
Today I got an text message from a former co-worker wanting to talk. We had kinda lost touch so I scheduled some time this evening. Our talk turned out to be a 3 hour long conversation.
Seems she has been clinically depressed for about a month. She had gotten so obsessed with perfection that she wound up making a big mistake.
She had been having acne breakouts and wanted her face to be perfect to the point that she tried some prescription medication. The medication burned her skin to the point that it left a bleach spot on her face. This then lead to her not leaving the house, not wanting to be seen out in public, not wanting to be seen by anyone at all. This girl is so beautiful inside and out that it hurt me that she was hurting. Women I'm sure you all know that we are such nurturing souls we cant hear or see our friends go through any type of hurt without it hurting us too. It hurt me because like I said this girl was, and I'm sure still is, beautiful. Of course she does have a beautiful face, but she also has a body to die for and she is a real and genuine person on the inside to boot. Her Dr. as well as I assured her it would all be okay. I also assured her that her life was not at an end because of this imperfection. Also she told me that the Dr. had told her that her face would heal and the bleach spot would no longer be visible in time. Which lead me to the thought of.....
Why do we do this, why do we become so obsessed with being perfect. No one is perfect, we all know this, but still we try. We see all the models who have professionals do their make up and hair, have you ever seen Oprah without her makeup and hair done! It makes a BIG DIFFERENCE! Then you have the women who have the money and time to have personal trainers and go to the gym everyday and have killer bodies, give me a break! I mean of course I would like a personal trainer, but I have neither the money or time for this. Then you see the super thin models with their HUGE breast implants!! Who can look like this naturally? NO ONE!!!! Sure I will be the first one to admit I want implants and I am on the way to getting them. I have wanted breast implants since the age 18!! That is a dream of mine as well as a goal I have set for myself and I set it a LONG time ago. You can bet that I am damn sure gonna get them. But that is just me. Some people want the perfect face, or the perfect body, or both. But no one really talks about the perfect soul.
I think we should all look at our assets and build upon them. Have confidence in who you are. Do you know when I was really overweight (220 lbs at 5'2) I hated going out in public. I felt really bad in anything that I wore because I was so big. Then once I went to a concert and saw someone bigger than me but they looked good. This was confusing to me because they weren't the perfect weight, they didn't have the perfect body or face, so what was it that they had?
It was that they had confidence! They had the confidence to wear what they wanted and because of their confidence they looked good in what they wore. Their spirit from the inside shown through to their outer being. I'm sure you have all experienced this, you see someone, they are not perfect but they have tons of attention from the opposite gender because of their confidence!!
As well as I'm sure you have seen that man or woman with the perfect body and the perfect face and they are ugly on the inside. I have met a few of those and once I found out their personalities, and who they were on the inside, they were no longer attractive.
All in all its really who you are on the inside that counts. Maybe you are not a super model but you are a beautiful person and because this beauty shines through you attract many people. So be proud of who you are. Hold your head up high, have confidence in yourself, and people will notice!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Censorship?

Your Never Gonna Believe This....
It was brought to my attention that one of my friends John (J.D.) Diego is being harassed by locals in his hometown because of his Halloween decor.
My reaction to this is REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS?
But someone is serious.
GiGi Bibeault, one of the neighbors found his display so offensive that she called the chief of police office hoping to file a hate crime complaint. Bibeault said she called because of one of the props in J.D.'s yard. The prop is of a Nun with a gas mask on holding crucifix in one hand and holding onto the spine of a skeleton with the other hand.
"That's offensive to me" said Bibeault.
Officials have responded by sending a city inspector to J.D's home to inspect the Halloween decorations to see if there are any health, safety or zone violations. The inspector found no violations.
On the other hand there are neighbors like Caroline Nelson who's children 6-4 and 2yrs old are big fans and go by every night to see the display.
"They can't wait to see J.D.'s Halloween house. You see the same sort of thing when you go into a Halloween store. They certainly are not scared by it and they do not have nightmares about it. It's over the top, there's no question, but its fun."
I have to agree with Caroline. That is what its all about, fun! I wish I lived in J.D.'s neighborhood. I would love to go by and admire his work, and take my daughter along as well. I know I love to decorate my apt at Halloween. Right now on my front patio I have purple lights, masks, creepy looking pumpkins, witches brooms and hats, a pitchfork and numerous other things and people are coming by to admire it. I have lots of children in my neighborhood and not one parent has said it was "too scary". No one has complained at all!!! Believe me in my apt complex if someone had complained I would have heard about it. We all get to dress up on Halloween in whatever we choose, why all the controversy about how J.D. has dressed up his house? It's ludicrous, it's absurd, and just down right stupid in my opinion to create such an outcry of how someone decorates for Halloween!!!
J.D.'s reaction to all of this is that he loves Halloween and when he got his house he wanted to do something for the kids.
He says "A lot of the props are from movies that I found scary when I was kid and I just wanted to give them a platform. I didn't invent the holiday, its all in fun, I'm doing this for the kids."
What is this world coming to? Don't these people complaining have anything better to complain about? Apparently not. What a life, with the economy being the way it is, and the only thing they have to complain about is a Halloween display down the street? Geeeezzzzeeee
If only my life were so complicated.....?!?!?!?!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ghost Adventures - See The Proof By Clicking On Me

Something Wicked This Way Comes

It's Name Is Ghost Adventures

Every year around Halloween the t.v. becomes my friend. The rest of the year it is just a fixture in my home. But Halloween brings all of those creepy, scary movies back and I love it. Another thing I love is all of the Paranormal specials and series that are now coming to life. I am/was a avid watcher of a show on A&E called Paranormal State. In fact is was the only show I watched on t.v. now the series has ended for the season. Sad, very sad. But I had seen previews of a new paranormal show "Ghost Adventures" that was to be aired on the Travel Channel on the October 17th. I couldn't wait. So me and my girlfriend sat down to see if the show was any good. From some investigation, I found that Ghost Adventures in fact, first aired back in 07. But now it is back and just in time for the Halloween holiday season!! My favorite part of the show was the Haunting of Bob Mackey's. It sent shivers up my spine. The investigators of the show Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin have been awarded with the title of proving the most convincing evidence of the supernatural. They have been on various talk shows and news shows. Below is a news paper clipping hope you can read it, it came out a little small.So like I said my girlfriend and I sat down to watch the show. I LOVED IT!! There are always those out there who are skeptics and more power to you. But knowing that these guys have been said to be the first ones ever to have gotten real footage on film was/is amazing to me.

Click the link below to check out the video and see the evidence for yourself!!

I hope you enjoyed that little preview and I hope you tune in on the Travel Channel for more of Ghost Adventures on Friday Nights!!

Happy Haunting!!!!

Till Next Time....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Pumpkin Carving Time

Carving Pumpkins 101
I just started carving pumpkins about 3 years ago. Man, what fun I missed out on when I was a youngster. Now I am trying to make up for all of those years. Since I am not a regular run of the mill type person, I did not want to carve the traditional smiley face pumpkins. No, that was WAY to boring for me. I wanted something different, something where people would look at my pumpkins and say "WoW" that is cool. Well I searched and searched and finally found a website that had really unusual and very cool pumpkin carving patterns. The site Zombie There is a fee, like most sites, but you can opt to pay 5/10/15 and get over 100 very cool patterns or you can pay 20.00 and get all of the same patterns plus extra special patterns. Last Halloween my favorite pumpkin that I carved was Michael Meyers of my FAVORITE horror movie of all time, Halloween. The pic above is a pic of that carving. Now here is a picture of the pattern provided by Zombie

I know the picture of my carving is a bit blurry, but you get the idea, and hey like I said I haven't been doing this for long. I would like to give you a few more examples that the site offers. They have patterns from movies such as

Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street


Pin Head

The Joker Captain Spalding

Also they have really cool Rock~N~Roll Star's

Angus Young of AC/DC

Rob ZombieOzzy Osbourne Gene Simmons of KISS
You may be asking, do they have anything for children or for the young at heart? Why yes they do!!

Patrick Sponge Bob
Scooby Doo

And just plain spooky

So no matter if you are young or old or even if you have ever carved a pumpkin before, you should try it. It's artistic and it's awesome to see the finished product and to know you made it yourself. Please be sure to take pictures so you can show off your work to others and take pride in what you have achieved. Even if you don't do so well you will always learn from your mistakes and plus it's fun to do!! Do it as a family project or ask some friends over and have an adult pumpkin carving party! Just be sure not to drink too much before you begin carving the pumpkins, for alcohol consumption and sharp objects do not go well together. sure if you carve your pumpkins ahead of time (which is a good idea, because carving pumpkins is not a fast task) you will need information on preserving your "work of art" such as the use of petroleum jelly, saran wrap, as well as knowing to store in a cool place, soaking in water and fighting that nasty mold. I searched the web the best site I found is Zombie it has all this information and much, much, more. So all in all this website has all the information you need to be a Pumpkin Carving Master!

Happy Carving!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Time For Another Tale

Today Seems Like a Good Day For a Rock~N~Roll Tale


The 80's were great, weren't they? The look, the music, the sex. You must admit, sex was a big part of the 80's. At least in the Heavy Metal music scene, you have to admit most of the lyrics were about sex. Such as "All Night Long", "Cherry Pie", "Lay Your Hands On Me", You Shook Me All Night Long", "Slow and Easy" "Smooth Up In Ya" and those are just a few, the list goes on and on. One of the cool things were that the girls used the guys just as much as the guys used the girls. Ahhh, the good ole' days, ha ha.

So this story is from those days. Two of my favorite bands were coming in concert. One of the bands are still my favorite band of all time Aerosmith. The other band that was warming up for them (will not mention the bands name) were making a name for themselves and were doing pretty good job for at this time they were well known enough that the lead singer had his own bus. They are now known as one of most popular rock bands of all time. I think they would still be together if the lead singer wasn't such a psycho. Now, that is not a fact, just my opinion. Long after the breakup of this band the drummer (not the original drummer) guitarist and bass player started their own band and did very well. Except for the lead singer they chose. This lead singer was an awesome front man, vocalist and lyricist, but had issues as well. So as far as I know, they are no longer together but they put out one hell of an c.d. out.


So on with the story....

Let's start with the night before the show. Me and my girlfriends were hanging out at a local bar "Sal's" in Nashville. We had heard that the "unnamed band" may come to the club. We were all really excited. Also one of the local bands and our friends Valentine Saloon were playing that night. strolls a guy who looked like the rhythm guitarist for this "unnamed band". I had been drinking and since I really didn't drink much back then my vision was a little on the blurry side. Anyways this "guy" was seated on the steps all hunched over and looking WAY out of it. Everyone kept asking me..."Is that _ _ _ _"? and all I remember saying was "No, it's just some guy trying to look like him". As the night wore on, I was wrong because this "guy" later got up on stage and played a couple of songs with Valentine Saloon, then he was whisked away into a cab and left the club. Well...I was way bummed that I didn't approach this "guy" and introduce myself and so on.


Okay, now it is the morning of the show and my girlfriend said that she knew for a fact that the band was staying at the Music City Sheraton. (How she came upon this information is a tale for her to tell. I wasn't there, so I cant say.) So what do we do? Well...what would any good groupie do?

(First I must tell you what I consider a groupie to be before I go on with this story. To me a groupie is someone who wants to meet the bands that make the music and write the lyrics that touch their souls. A groupie is someone who gets a high, like an adrenaline rush, just from meeting these people. It's hard to explain, it's full on balls to the wall excitement to say the least. Personally, for me, whenever I've met these people, my hero's if you will, are the times that memories are made of, and those memories are the ones that I will never in a hundred years forget.)


We head to the hotel! We get there, hung over, last nights make up still on, hair not done, and in just jeans and tee shirts. We walk in and guess who is sitting at the bar. Yup...the lead guitarist. This guy was/is a guitar legend and was/is so well known it blew my mind that there he was...just sitting there all alone at the bar. We go to the bar and try to act like we do not notice him. Then we hear him talking to the bartender about how he was supposed to have gone to a club the night before, a club named Sal's. That was our cue! We told him we had been at Sal's and had seen the rhythm guitarist there and how he got up on stage and played a few songs with our friends. So the conversation began. He said he wasn't allowed to go because the manager said he was too intoxicated and they locked him in his hotel room. The conversation goes on and low and behold out of the elevator steps the bassist. I was really hot for the bassist, still am in all honesty. Bassist comes over and joins in on the conversation. Things are going great, we are all talking just like they are regular guys. To us they are not regular guys, they are Rock Stars!! They say they have to get going and get ready to head out to where the show is being held. So we say how cool it was to meet them and such and get our picture taken with the lead guitarist. I wanted a picture with the bassist, but by this time he was talking to someone on their crew, and I didn't want to bother him.

And do you know what? My girlfriend sent that picture into Metal Edge magazine and a few months later people starting coming up to me saying how cool it must be to be in a magazine. I had no idea the picture and letter my girlfriend had written had made it into the magazine, but it did. I still have a copy of that magazine to this day.

left to right.....Lady V, Guitarist, and Me......

Maybe next time I will tell you about the first time I met these guys....but that is a tale for another time.


Oh yea, that day at the hotel, guess who was laying out by the pool? Michael Hutchence lead singer for INXS ! Eat your heart out girlsssss...


Be sure to read the first tale: "Sometimes Fantasy is Better than Reality" Just click the tab "The Tales" on the right side of page

Thanks for coming to my site and checking it out!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

~ My Monday ~

Well, it's been pretty much a typical Monday for me. Today just like every other Monday I got up, checked my email, checked my myspace page, sent out my resume to some companys, got ready for work and dashed out the door with about 5 minutes to spare. I always seem to be running late, no matter how early I get up. You don't think it has anything to do with getting on the internet before I get ready for work do you? Naaaaa, didn't think so, hahaha.
So I get to work and it's just another day at school. One thing about being a teacher is I do love the children. They make me laugh as well as irritate me at times. But I have to remember that they are children and we (God Forbid) are some type of role models. So I try to be on my best behavior. We have fun and they love me, just as I love them. So it's all good.
Got off work, checked my phone, and blow me down, I got an text message from this Rocker Boi I went out with about a month ago. What is it with guys and once you go out with them, it's like they disappear and the Rocker Boi's are even worse. The thing is I am old enough to KNOW this. I should after 2 Rocker Boi husbands, numerous Rocker Boi boyfriends. Seems I would have learned my lesson. But Noooooo, I must be glutton for punishment because that is the type of guy that I am attracted to. Not saying I don't go out with other guys. Other guys are quite refreshing, but there is just something to these Rocker Boi's that I just cant get away from, anyways...I get a text from this month ago date RB. Of course he wants something, or so I thought. But, I give him a call and he seems on the up and up. Actually he had called me because he was thinking of me and wanted to do me a favor. That was quite opposite of what I had orignally thought and I was a little bit ashamed of myself for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. He even wants to take me out again this Friday, if his bandmates don't make plans for him on friday night. Of course he wont know anything until next practice which is Thursday night. Whatever....if it happens it happens...if not....his loss. All in all, it was kinda cool to hear from him again. :)
When I get home I check my email and I have gotten an email from one of my friends that I met through the internet back in 2003. Man, time flies doesn't it? Anyway...we both love tattoo's. Believe me people, it's an addiction, you can't have just one!!! She sent me a link to this really cool site called Check Out My Ink . I love tattoo's and have been looking for some good ideas and ya know what, I found some!! This site has 100's of pictures to browse through without having to pay or join the site. I knew what I wanted in my mind, but every time I tried to describe it to someone they just couldn't comprehend what I had envisioned. Thankfully Check Out My Ink did have one picture similar to the next tatto that I want to get. I want a full back tattoo so I'm sure it's probably going to be work in progress for a long time. But at least now I can show the artists a picuture to get an idea of what I really want. I mean tattoo's are forever!!
So THANKS!! Lisa for forwarding this site to me.
All in all it wasn't a bad Monday, I got a text and maybe even a date for Friday night, and I got turned onto a really cool tattoo site!
Hope your Monday went as well or better!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Celebrating Life and Death

Today is my Mothers birthday. I am so happy that my Mom is the person she is and that I have her for my Mom. Some people are not so lucky, so yea, I am overjoyed to have a Mother like mine. Though we are thousands of miles away, I always call and send a card. It seems a sin not to remember her on her special day. I mean she brought me into this world and taught me so many life lessons. Growing up, especially in my teenage years, I am sure I wouldn't have said the same thing. In fact while I was a teenager we didn't get along at all. I always knew I was right and she was wrong, she just didn't understand. But you know what? SHE was the one who knew it all and was always right. She in fact understood so much more than I could even hope to comprehend, and probably still does. It wasn't until my 18th year that I realised this, and being only 18 at the time I hated to admit it. But as time went on it wasn't hard at all to admit. To this day I do not understand how she put up with me, and still does, though I'm nothing like I was when I was a teen. She is now my friend and Mother. I love her but most of all, I respect her and all she sacrificed for me and my two brothers. She worked hard everyday so we could have everything we wanted. She worked hard to fill the gap to take the place of my father. My father was very seldom around after they were divorced when I was around 9. Oh yea, Dad would come around every year or so and buy us big expensive presents, as if to make up for lost time. I remember one time my Mom crying, saying she was sorry she couldn't buy us all of those expensive things and I remembered telling her that the presents didn't matter, what mattered is she was there for us EVERY DAY!! She provided for us day in and day out. She made sure we had what we NEEDED, maybe not always what we wanted, but what we needed. That meant more to me than any of the things my dad bought for me. I love my Mother with all my heart, and I am happy that she is still here on this earth and that I am able to tell her so when I call her today and wish her a Happy Birthday.

While checking my myspace page today (My Mothers Birthday) I noticed one of my acquaintances, Dough Stanhope, a very funny comedian, (check out one of his youtube videos at the bottom of my page, he is GREAT!) had posted a bulletin. The bulletin was about his Mother. Doug's mother died today. I thought to myself, isn't it funny while celebrating my Mother's birthday, Doug is celebrating his mother's death. I say celebrating because Doug's Mother had cancer and was in pain. He included her in some of his stand up comic routines. The whole family knew this was going to happen and happen soon. I think they are probably at peace now because "Mother" is at peace now, with no pain. The only thing she probably misses the most besides her family will be her cats. You will have to listen/watch some of Doug's stand up to understand that. hahaha.

So today there are two celebrations going on.....

One for Life....
I Love You Mother and I Am So Glad You Are Still On This Earth For Me To Tell You So!!

One for Death
My Thoughts and Prayers are with you Doug, and Your Family and I'm Glad "Mother" is finally at rest and rid of her pain.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Day At The Movies

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
This was my weekend with my daughter and since she was feeling better I took her to see a movie she had anxiously waiting to go see, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". She loved it, of course she would it was cute, charming and funny. It is a feel good movie for the whole family. If you have children and want to take them to a movie that you yourself want to enjoy also, then this is a movie for you. I enjoyed it so much more than the time I took my daughter to see the movie "Sponge Bob". In fact I fell asleep in that movie, it was the only way out, so to speak.
We had just gotten home and she had a lunch date with her father and her grandparents. So while she is gone and I have a little alone time I wanted to update my blog.
Also today I noticed that Lisa Marie Presley has had girl twins.
Okay, now it is time to pull out the Halloween decorations and get them all ready for when my daughter gets back so we can decorate for Halloween!!! I love it!!!
Though, I keep thinking about my missed trip to Mexico... And seeing the movie today didn't was pretty much all about Mexico! Wish I was there, I may not be there in body...but I am there in spirit!!
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time Flies - Doesn't That Mean I'm Supposed to be Having Fun? was supposed to be a day off... But it wasn't really a day off. I woke up late and had to rush out of the house for an 9:00am appointment. That appointment just lead to another appointment. Okay..done now a little time for relaxation........that's a BIG NO!! I came back to my apartment and had laundry I had forgotten that I HAD to do for my daughter. Okay now it is around noon and laundry is I can work on this blog and look for a new template...well...that's a BIG Cox Internet is DOWN!!! So now I'm getting stuff ready for my daughter's Dr. appointment. I rush and put the clothes in the dryer and run to pick her up to get to the Dr.'s on time. We get there a little early and they take us in right away (cool). Now it's around 3:00 (and $30.00 later)and I now have to go to the pharmacy and get medicine for my daughter. We wait for the prescription to get filled, finally filled and $10.00 co-payment later now the time is approaching 4:00.

I get a text from one of my friends at work and one of my old students (my FAVORITE student) who had moved last November is back at our school for the day!! So I rush over to the school and visit my precious "Ava". She had grown SO much! But just as beautiful if not more beautiful than the last time I had seen her. All my fears of her not remembering me has left because she does remember me and that brings joy to my heart. Let alone that I had to bring cookies...cause I always spoiled her with a cookie every time she saw me after she had grown and left my classroom. But with the cookies in hand how could she had forgotten me? lol...

My daughter and I stayed and visited and before I knew it the time was approaching 5:15. I was supposed to have my daughter back to her fathers around 5:20 because it was his night to have her. We leave and get to her fathers. Her father invites me in to hear all about the Dr.'s visit. Okay...get that over with, now it is finally time to head home the time now is 6:00. On the way home I notice a gas station and remember I have to get gas. So I pull in and the good news is the price is only $3.09 a gallon. So I fill up and now I finally get to head home. I get home around 6:30. Make dinner for myself...check the Internet...which is now working wooo hooo and I am now writing this post for today FINALLY!!! and it's ONLY 7:45pm.

So much for a day off..... but is there ever REALLY a DAY OFF?

Not in my world....

It's Almost Friday!

I woke up late and Im heading out the door!!
I will be back to post more later on today..
Everyone have a Happy, Happy Thursday...
Remember it's almost Friday and the weekend is almost here!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Circus Mexicus or Bust

Guess I'm Gonna Have to Bust it is that time again for one of my favorite events of the year, Circus Mexicus. I have been looking forward to this since the last Circus Mexicus in May. I had my tickets, had a place to stay. And now that the time is quickly approaching the reality set in yesterday, that even though I had everything planned out, I am not going to be able to go. Maturity and "doing the right thing" has taken over the "ahhh screw it, let's just go" mentality of my used to be life.

Ya see, with today's economy and being a parent with a child who has had health problems for over a week now it's just not feasible for me to take off to Mexico to see my favorite "feel good" band, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, and party for the weekend. Sure I would have fun, but what about my conscious? Could I really go down to Mexico knowing I have bills coming up and what money I had I was partying on? And the main thing, could I be there having a blast knowing that maybe my daughters health had gotten worse? No, being mature and being a parent means we can't do just whatever we "want" to do, we have to do what is "best" for us and everyone else in our lives. Sometimes we have to put others and real life first, sacrifice having a good time for the ones we love and for the well being of our families. I have to put my family life and my daughters needs in front of mine. So though sometimes being an adult really sucks. I have a feeling that I will actually live without this trip down to south of the boarder. See I already have a plan, I may not be there this weekend, but when Saturday night comes around, and the concert is going on, I will be watching Youtube video's and having my own little Roger Clyne and The Peacemaker concert in the privacy of my own home. So I will definitely be there in spirt!!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween an All Month Long Experience

In my last post I mentioned that October is my favorite time of the year because of two things.
Halloween and Circus Mexicus.
First I will tell you about all my Halloween Festivities, because it lasts all month long. Circus Mexicus is happening this upcoming weekend and as the weekend approaches I tell you more about Circus Mexicus. It's funny because these two things couldn't be more opposite but I enjoy them both immensely.
I think Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love the rush of being scared. I guess that is why I am such a fan of horror movies. Every year to get into the holiday spirit I rent all of my favorite horror movies and watch them. Some of my favorites are Halloween (the original), House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, Evil Dead 2, Hostile 1 & 2, etc. A new SAW movie is coming to theaters Oct 24th! I always love to check out new Horror films but it seems no one really knows how to make anything worth watching anymore except for Rob Zombie. I'm always searching for good new horror films.
Which leads me to some authors I was recently turned onto by a friend. These authors are Edward Lee and Jack Ketchum. If your into strange, chilling type books be sure to check these authors out. While researching these authors I came across some very interesting information. One of Jack Ketchum's books, "The Girl Next Door", (based on a true story)
had been turned into a movie. This movie barely made the R rating it has. They thought it was going to have to be released as an independent film because of the content. But it squeaked by with the R rating. Since finding out there was a movie I started searching for it. I had not read the book but I had researched it and thought that this would be chilling, to say the least. Well...this past weekend I found it!! I found it as a New Release Rental! I was so excited! I had read at the premier of the movie a lot of the people walked out. Not because the movie or acting was bad, but because some people couldn't view the content, it was just too much. Me, being the horror movie buff that I am, I couldn't wait to get home and pop this movie in! One of my girlfriends who shares the same sadistic interest in movies as I came over and a girls night of watching horror flicks was on.
We had rented "The Girl Next Door", "Henry"(the life of a serial killer) and Helter Skelter.
We popped in our first choice, The Girl Next Door". The movie went beyond all of my expectations. It exceeded any movie I have ever seen. Both my girlfriend and I had the same feeling, we both felt guilty for even watching the movie. Maybe it was because we were women, maybe because it was based on a true story, I don't know. All I know is I have such a love for horror films, and this was a great film, it really was, but I don't think I could ever watch it again. I wouldn't categorize it as a "horror" film at all. It wasn't scary, or bloody. I really don't know how I would categorize it. The only description I can give you are two words "Brutally Disturbing". That's it.
Next we put in "Henry" Life of a Serial Killer. The move seemed to drag, sure there were lots of murders and it was bloody enough. It just seemed to drag. So we decided to move onto "Helter Skelter". Another movie based on true facts. Even though this movie was first viewed on regular t.v. back in the 70's. It was still just as bizarre watching it this time as it was watching it for the first time I saw it many years ago. The murders of "Helter Skelter happened in 1969 and Charles Manson and the Manson Family Women are all still in jail. They have been up for parole many, many times over the years. At least 10 - 16 times. But always denied parole.
So those were my "Get into the Halloween - Spirit" movie choices for this past weekend. I will watch horror films anytime of the year, but in October I cram in as many as I can.
I will keep you posted and will let you know what my next choices are to keep me in the Halloween mood. Also any Haunted Houses I attend and let's not forget about the Halloween parties!!

October - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Good Monday Morning
Well, October is my favorite time of the year for two reasons.
First: My favorite holiday is this month - Halloween!!
Second: Circus Mexicus!!
So this is a pretty busy month for me. I have woken up a littler later than usual and have to get ready for my day job.
So everyone have a great day and I will fill you all in on all of the cool details later this evening.
Happy October Everyone!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Weather isn't the only thing that is Hot in Arizona

So friday night I headed out to Joe’s Grotto to see the debut of the band Altered Silence. Before heading out to the show I had checked the bands myspace page where they described their music as “armed with a potent set of high energy Metal with thrash and hardcore overtones mixed in with metal. “ Well, I am a very big fan of metal but not so much of thrash/hardcore, or so I thought. They didn’t have any music downloaded on their page yet… (But is promised to be there soon), so actually I didn’t know what to expect. But I was going and I was excited to see this band.

These guys hit the stage with intensity that demanded the attention of everyone there, and you know what, they got it. As I looked around the crowd, all eyes were focused on these four talented musicians. You don’t see that often…especially on a bands debut performance!

They opened their set with “Regrets”; the song had crunching guitar riffs along with thumping bad ass bass and drum fills that really made me take notice and made me smile. I really don’t hear little drum fills anymore in today’s music, and I don’t hear a whole lot of guitar anymore either and the bass, all I can say is the bassist played with such intensity that he actually broke a sting. So now do you get the picture of how intense this music is? I loved it.

With every song they played “Altered Silence” did not disappoint. Each song, “Regrets, Cloaked in White, My Illness, Grey Skies, Confession and Acid Rain” has its own unique individuality and style, each just as hard, strong and intense as the next. Some songs even had a little added sexy sound and groove. So all you Rock N Roll girls out there, you will be able to appreciate some hard metal/thrash that you can actually move your ass to!!
The band did throw in one cover song “Ace of Spades” which mixed into their set quite nicely.

If this is what thrash/hardcore/metal is well it’s not the same thrash/hardcore/metal that I have been hearing for the past few is 1,000 times better!! It was so refreshing to see such seasoned, talented musicians playing with so much stage presence and such vindication making music that was actually pleasing to the ear.

Altered Silence is one band I look forward to seeing time and time again.

A big Thank You to the band (Rude T - Bass/ Zipp - Guitar/ Joe - Vocals/ Lee - Drums)for making my night of music an exciting and enjoyable one! Cant wait until the next show!!