Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Day At The Movies

Beverly Hills Chihuahua
This was my weekend with my daughter and since she was feeling better I took her to see a movie she had anxiously waiting to go see, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". She loved it, of course she would it was cute, charming and funny. It is a feel good movie for the whole family. If you have children and want to take them to a movie that you yourself want to enjoy also, then this is a movie for you. I enjoyed it so much more than the time I took my daughter to see the movie "Sponge Bob". In fact I fell asleep in that movie, it was the only way out, so to speak.
We had just gotten home and she had a lunch date with her father and her grandparents. So while she is gone and I have a little alone time I wanted to update my blog.
Also today I noticed that Lisa Marie Presley has had girl twins.
Okay, now it is time to pull out the Halloween decorations and get them all ready for when my daughter gets back so we can decorate for Halloween!!! I love it!!!
Though, I keep thinking about my missed trip to Mexico... And seeing the movie today didn't was pretty much all about Mexico! Wish I was there, I may not be there in body...but I am there in spirit!!
Have a good weekend.

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