Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Over Already?

Girls Weekend

This weekend was "my" weekend with my daughter. So that meant no partying, which is okay with me. I love spending time with my daughter. She is getting old enough now to be my friend as well as my daughter, which is really cool.


Friday Night
So Friday night there was a Fall Festival for Make A Wish Foundation at the school where I teach. My daughter always loves to join me for this event so it was a lot of fun for both her and I. We were so cute!! We had matching costumes, we both were dressed like bumble bee's! This is the first year we have had matching costumes. She has always wanted to do this, but I never wanted to be Tinker Bell, which is what she always wanted to be. So this year we agreed on bumble bee's. Lots of games and food and fun!! So Friday was a fun night for both of us!


Well one thing that's always on the Saturday routine is running errands. So we did all of that boring, post office, etc. But there was also some cool stuff like..... looking at a new apartment. I found an apartment is much bigger than the one my daughter and I are now in and I wanted to know if my daughter liked it before I made any major decisions. So I took her and showed her the apartment and she LOVED IT!! Which took a load off of my mind. So come the last week in November my daughter and I will be moving into a new, bigger place!! Which is awesome great news for the both of us!

Next we went shopping for pumpkins. We both love carving pumpkins at Halloween. We went with the thought in mind of picking out just the right pumpkins for what we were carving. I picked the perfect one for my favorite "Michael Meyers" and my daughter picked out a wonderful one for her "Spider". Pumpkin shopping was the last stop for the day. Thank Goodness! So after a long day of running around, we ate dinner then decided to pick out a movie to watch together. She wanted to watch the movie "Sex in the City"

I had already seen the movie and I think that every young girl should see more movies like this one. There are a lot of lesson's in that movie that we only get to know as we grow older and sometimes it is good to have a "heads up". So I agreed to watch the movie with her. Sure she asked lots of questions, but ya know what? I answered them with honesty. That is one thing about me and my daughter. I always am honest with her as I hope she is with me now and will be with me as she gets older.



My daughter wakes me up Sunday morning proclaiming that if we go to the movies before noon we can get in for $5.00 each and she just MUST go see High School Musical 3. So I got out of bed earlier than I wanted and we headed out to AMC. I really did not want to go and see this movie. I don't know why...I just didn't think I would find it enjoyable. We get there, get situated and the first scene was of a basketball game. That is a plus!! because I am a HUGE basketball fan. From there I have to admit, I did find it enjoyable. I don't think I would sit through it again. But it was an enjoyable for me and my daughter to see together.

I am so glad that me and my daughter can enjoy things like movies, carving pumpkins and even just running errands. Because I know there will come a time when she will be a teen and she will find me so uncool. Just as I as a teen found my mother so uncool. I hope it doesn't happen, but I'm sure it will to an extent and I'm not looking forward to that day. So for now I am enjoying the time that we do have together. When we can laugh, talk, sing, and just have plain old fun! These are the times I will treasure....and I do.

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