Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time Flies - Doesn't That Mean I'm Supposed to be Having Fun? was supposed to be a day off... But it wasn't really a day off. I woke up late and had to rush out of the house for an 9:00am appointment. That appointment just lead to another appointment. Okay..done now a little time for relaxation........that's a BIG NO!! I came back to my apartment and had laundry I had forgotten that I HAD to do for my daughter. Okay now it is around noon and laundry is I can work on this blog and look for a new template...well...that's a BIG Cox Internet is DOWN!!! So now I'm getting stuff ready for my daughter's Dr. appointment. I rush and put the clothes in the dryer and run to pick her up to get to the Dr.'s on time. We get there a little early and they take us in right away (cool). Now it's around 3:00 (and $30.00 later)and I now have to go to the pharmacy and get medicine for my daughter. We wait for the prescription to get filled, finally filled and $10.00 co-payment later now the time is approaching 4:00.

I get a text from one of my friends at work and one of my old students (my FAVORITE student) who had moved last November is back at our school for the day!! So I rush over to the school and visit my precious "Ava". She had grown SO much! But just as beautiful if not more beautiful than the last time I had seen her. All my fears of her not remembering me has left because she does remember me and that brings joy to my heart. Let alone that I had to bring cookies...cause I always spoiled her with a cookie every time she saw me after she had grown and left my classroom. But with the cookies in hand how could she had forgotten me? lol...

My daughter and I stayed and visited and before I knew it the time was approaching 5:15. I was supposed to have my daughter back to her fathers around 5:20 because it was his night to have her. We leave and get to her fathers. Her father invites me in to hear all about the Dr.'s visit. Okay...get that over with, now it is finally time to head home the time now is 6:00. On the way home I notice a gas station and remember I have to get gas. So I pull in and the good news is the price is only $3.09 a gallon. So I fill up and now I finally get to head home. I get home around 6:30. Make dinner for myself...check the Internet...which is now working wooo hooo and I am now writing this post for today FINALLY!!! and it's ONLY 7:45pm.

So much for a day off..... but is there ever REALLY a DAY OFF?

Not in my world....

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