Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Janet Jackson - Rushed to Hospital Before Concert

Janet Jackson

I just happened to notice while checking my email that Janet Jackson has been hospitalized. From what I can gather she fell "suddenly ill" after a sound check right before a concert in Montreal and was rushed to the hospital there. I went to Janet Jackson's official site and not to take light of anyone that has fallen ill one of the things I found was this on her site which I assume is from her publisher, "Janet Jackson's latest choreographed concert spectacle is an aggressive reminder to the world that she is a woman who has risen above fads and scandal … It is a reminder that she is a trend-setter in her own right, a true diva, and a marvelous performer."***THANK YOU

You know my thoughts are for someone who was trying to stay away from fads and or scandal you Miss. Jackson have now put yourself in the thick of it. I'm not saying this is done intentionally but that is what has happened. It seems that if you are in the public eye, as she has been her whole life, everything you do is going to be publicized. Illness is no longer just an illness, not in the public eye anyway. I'm sure there will be rumours floating around the globe surrounding this "illness". I treat people as I would want to be treated so I'm not going to adhere to rumour and scandalous action. I feel sorry for Miss Jackson. I hope this is not something done for publicity but then again I hope that she is not ill and this is not a serious health issue. Anyway.... Miss Jackson whatever the issue may be I wish you a speedy recovery.

Now with that being said I'm off to another day of work.

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