Sunday, July 12, 2009

***Such is Life***

Kinda like the song Monday Monday...but alas it's Sunday
It's a beautiful day outside but living here in Arizona means beautiful but scorching HOT!! See that's the thing, it's beautiful but heaven forbid you step outside in July. Because it's freaking HOT!! To top it all off it's been humid lately and in the 100's which does not make for the best time to be outside. Unless you have a pool then it's all good.
I've gotten older and I am facing the changes in my body. Believe me girls what they say about losing weight being harder when your older is all TRUE!! I love to go outside and take a nice brisk walk, but when it's so hot it's just a miserable task. It's not even enjoyable anymore when it's so hot. Ahhh we get older and are faced with so many issues. Weight, wrinkles begin to appear and gravity takes its toll. It would seem that with age comes wisdom. Shouldn't the higher powers reward us for the all the things we have endured in the past to get us where we are now? It would be wonderful it worked like that. But NO... the powers that be instead of rewarding us give us the not so wonderful process of aging bodies. It's just not fair.
So like everything else we have endured...the process of getting older is another one we have to live with. We have to strive even harder to make our appearance the way we want to be. We want to be beautiful. Now there are vast amount of meanings to the word beautiful. So I pick my meaning which is being a wonderful person inside and out. But I also want to have a hot body and no gray hair. I know I have it within me to work out to get that hot body. And as for the hair well you can remedy that with a bottle of hair dye. I know I can do's just a lot harder now that I am older.
As for the groupie in me....I still love the rock shows. I still love meeting the people who make the music that moves me. It's just not as easy to meet them anymore. On one side I have learned what to do and not to do to meet them. It would just be a lot easier if I still had my 20year old body. Not saying I have ever done anything sexual to get backstage...because I haven't. But having a nice body to look at sure didn't hurt matters in the least.
Guess it's time to get up off of this chair in front of my computer and do my workout dvd.
But in the air conditioning... haha
Let the World Call Them Crow's Feet
Baby We Can Call Them Laugh Lines!!
Ahhhh Getting Older ..... Such Is Life

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The King of Pop is Gone
The Great Debate is On
I couldn't let the passing of Michael Jackson go without me commenting on this event. I have to say and you all know everything here is only my opinion but I wasn't a big fan of Michael Jackson. I was always into the Heavy Metal Music or Hard Rock growing up. I do remember when Billy Jean came out and it seemed as if all of my friends owned the album...yes I said ALBUM!! Wait...I take that back only my GIRL friends owned the album. I got so SICK of hearing everything off of that album. Maybe in a way Michael Jackson pushed me into loving that "Heavy Metal" music...hmmm...something to think about anyway. From the time that album came out I never really paid much attention to Michael Jackson. I just wasn't into him, or his music. But there was one that really hit me and remains to be a favorite of mine till this day is "Man in the Mirror". That song has a lot of real honesty in it and I admit I feel something when I hear it..and sing along with it
With all of that being said I now hope I have proven to you that I was anything but a fan of Michael Jackson's. Then all of the accusation's that took place later in years in regards to him and ....well we all know what he was accused of...and that just made me ill. But we all have to remember we are all innocent until proven guilty. Who am I to judge anyone? One thing that has stuck in my mind that I have recently seen was an interview with Michael's Mother, she had stated for us to really think about what he was accused of and asked the question "If our son or daughter had been sexually abused would we have settled for money in return for our child's justice? I know what my answer to that is...HELL NO!! So that is something to ponder before we pass judgement.
Not being a big fan the passing of Michael really didn't hit me in any way what-so-ever.
I was flipping through the tv on Tuesday and there it was, Michael's memorial service. So yeah I stopped and watched it. I was touched and yeah maybe even some tears came to my eyes. I was reminded of all of his music. His younger days and the songs he sang I used to sing along to on the radio. Especially "I'll Be There". I was also reminded of all of the music this man had made throughout his life. All of the good things he did with his money towards charities around the world. matter what he was....and throughout the years he did make us wonder what he actually was....Michael was an entertainer as well as a wonderful and great singer/songwriter. He will be remembered all over the world for years to come. And now that all of the hoopla is over....I can now feel the realization that a legend is gone and will never be again.
I also cant help to wonder.....
Who will be the next?
What I mean by that is .... Who will be our next big musical icon... our next big musical legend
Who will be the next legend that will pass...though sad to say...I don't know if there are really any musical legends out there anymore...well...I could name a few of my personal favorites but I don't want to think about losing any of I wont.