Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Circus Mexicus or Bust

Guess I'm Gonna Have to Bust it is that time again for one of my favorite events of the year, Circus Mexicus. I have been looking forward to this since the last Circus Mexicus in May. I had my tickets, had a place to stay. And now that the time is quickly approaching the reality set in yesterday, that even though I had everything planned out, I am not going to be able to go. Maturity and "doing the right thing" has taken over the "ahhh screw it, let's just go" mentality of my used to be life.

Ya see, with today's economy and being a parent with a child who has had health problems for over a week now it's just not feasible for me to take off to Mexico to see my favorite "feel good" band, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, and party for the weekend. Sure I would have fun, but what about my conscious? Could I really go down to Mexico knowing I have bills coming up and what money I had I was partying on? And the main thing, could I be there having a blast knowing that maybe my daughters health had gotten worse? No, being mature and being a parent means we can't do just whatever we "want" to do, we have to do what is "best" for us and everyone else in our lives. Sometimes we have to put others and real life first, sacrifice having a good time for the ones we love and for the well being of our families. I have to put my family life and my daughters needs in front of mine. So though sometimes being an adult really sucks. I have a feeling that I will actually live without this trip down to south of the boarder. See I already have a plan, I may not be there this weekend, but when Saturday night comes around, and the concert is going on, I will be watching Youtube video's and having my own little Roger Clyne and The Peacemaker concert in the privacy of my own home. So I will definitely be there in spirt!!


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