Friday, October 3, 2008

Groupie Tales/Tails

Sometimes Fantasy is Better Than Reality

So it was a big night in my life. My all time favorite band was having a concert and I couldn't wait. I had followed these guys from the beginning and I loved them. Especially the bass player. Now that was a big thing for me because I usually am all about the guitar. I don't usually care about the bass. I had my tickets and my girlfriend and I were pumped up and ready to go. I was going with one of my girlfriends who always seemed to be able to get backstage. So that was even more exciting to me because I really wanted to meet this band, and bass player.

It was before the show and of course we are hanging out around the backstage area just in case we are allowed to go back. Of course one of the managers comes and picks us out. We are then lead to a hallway with a bunch of other girls and there is yet another BIG guy who is there and he is picking out girls like picking out meat at a butcher. "" he was saying as he is pointing at which girl he is referring to. We are two of the chosen many (I'd say around 30 of us girls total)to yet enter another room. This room is lined with buffet tables loaded with food and drinks. We are shuffled in there like a herd of cows.

We wait...and wait...and wait. My girlfriend has struck up a conversation with the main manager and he informs us that the band will not be coming down to do a meet and greet but he would like us to come to the hotel and we can meet the guys there. So he tells us which hotel the band is staying at and we say our goodbyes and head out to the hotel.

We get to the hotel and we spot the tour bus. Cool...they are there. We head inside and the number of girls are scaled down to about 15 now. We are all hanging out in the hotel lobby along with a few roadies again waiting for the bands to come downstairs from their room.

We wait...and wait...and wait. Then finally, he steps off of the elevator. The bassist I wanted to meet. He looks just as good in person as in all the magazines etc. He sits down, and as he does all the girls except for me and my friend all gather around him. One of the roadies asked me "Aren't you gonna go over and talk to him" my reply was, "No, I buy his c.d.'s, he can come over here". That's just how I am. Well...bassist sits there for about 5 minutes saying nothing to anyone and asks one of the roadies "Is "drummer" (not gonna use real names here) coming down?" The roadie replies "yeah". Bassist sits there maybe for about 5 more minutes, still he hasn't spoken to anyone and ignores anyone who is talking to him, and then all of a sudden he just gets up out of his chair and says "Fuck it, I'm outta here". And he walked over to the elevator stepped inside and was gone. Not what I expected from the guy I wanted to meet for so long. It was a big let down to say the least.

A few minutes later (Drummer) came down...talked with everyone...went to the bar piano and played it for us and we all sang songs and had a great time. He was the coolest "Rock Guy" I think I have ever met. Drummer hung out for over an hour just chatting and playing the piano.

Moral to the story....Sometimes fantasy is better than reality. We build these people us so high in our imaginations, and that's where they should stay. Because there they are who you want them to be, not a real person, but a fantasy. In this case my fantasy was WAY better than the reality.

I have come to learn that this person back at the time of this story was a heroin addict and this is probably the excuse for his behaviour. I still like him a lot and think he HAS to be the cool person I THINK he is...or at least I hope so.

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