Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween an All Month Long Experience

In my last post I mentioned that October is my favorite time of the year because of two things.
Halloween and Circus Mexicus.
First I will tell you about all my Halloween Festivities, because it lasts all month long. Circus Mexicus is happening this upcoming weekend and as the weekend approaches I tell you more about Circus Mexicus. It's funny because these two things couldn't be more opposite but I enjoy them both immensely.
I think Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love the rush of being scared. I guess that is why I am such a fan of horror movies. Every year to get into the holiday spirit I rent all of my favorite horror movies and watch them. Some of my favorites are Halloween (the original), House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, Evil Dead 2, Hostile 1 & 2, etc. A new SAW movie is coming to theaters Oct 24th! I always love to check out new Horror films but it seems no one really knows how to make anything worth watching anymore except for Rob Zombie. I'm always searching for good new horror films.
Which leads me to some authors I was recently turned onto by a friend. These authors are Edward Lee and Jack Ketchum. If your into strange, chilling type books be sure to check these authors out. While researching these authors I came across some very interesting information. One of Jack Ketchum's books, "The Girl Next Door", (based on a true story)
had been turned into a movie. This movie barely made the R rating it has. They thought it was going to have to be released as an independent film because of the content. But it squeaked by with the R rating. Since finding out there was a movie I started searching for it. I had not read the book but I had researched it and thought that this would be chilling, to say the least. Well...this past weekend I found it!! I found it as a New Release Rental! I was so excited! I had read at the premier of the movie a lot of the people walked out. Not because the movie or acting was bad, but because some people couldn't view the content, it was just too much. Me, being the horror movie buff that I am, I couldn't wait to get home and pop this movie in! One of my girlfriends who shares the same sadistic interest in movies as I came over and a girls night of watching horror flicks was on.
We had rented "The Girl Next Door", "Henry"(the life of a serial killer) and Helter Skelter.
We popped in our first choice, The Girl Next Door". The movie went beyond all of my expectations. It exceeded any movie I have ever seen. Both my girlfriend and I had the same feeling, we both felt guilty for even watching the movie. Maybe it was because we were women, maybe because it was based on a true story, I don't know. All I know is I have such a love for horror films, and this was a great film, it really was, but I don't think I could ever watch it again. I wouldn't categorize it as a "horror" film at all. It wasn't scary, or bloody. I really don't know how I would categorize it. The only description I can give you are two words "Brutally Disturbing". That's it.
Next we put in "Henry" Life of a Serial Killer. The move seemed to drag, sure there were lots of murders and it was bloody enough. It just seemed to drag. So we decided to move onto "Helter Skelter". Another movie based on true facts. Even though this movie was first viewed on regular t.v. back in the 70's. It was still just as bizarre watching it this time as it was watching it for the first time I saw it many years ago. The murders of "Helter Skelter happened in 1969 and Charles Manson and the Manson Family Women are all still in jail. They have been up for parole many, many times over the years. At least 10 - 16 times. But always denied parole.
So those were my "Get into the Halloween - Spirit" movie choices for this past weekend. I will watch horror films anytime of the year, but in October I cram in as many as I can.
I will keep you posted and will let you know what my next choices are to keep me in the Halloween mood. Also any Haunted Houses I attend and let's not forget about the Halloween parties!!

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