Sunday, October 12, 2008

Celebrating Life and Death

Today is my Mothers birthday. I am so happy that my Mom is the person she is and that I have her for my Mom. Some people are not so lucky, so yea, I am overjoyed to have a Mother like mine. Though we are thousands of miles away, I always call and send a card. It seems a sin not to remember her on her special day. I mean she brought me into this world and taught me so many life lessons. Growing up, especially in my teenage years, I am sure I wouldn't have said the same thing. In fact while I was a teenager we didn't get along at all. I always knew I was right and she was wrong, she just didn't understand. But you know what? SHE was the one who knew it all and was always right. She in fact understood so much more than I could even hope to comprehend, and probably still does. It wasn't until my 18th year that I realised this, and being only 18 at the time I hated to admit it. But as time went on it wasn't hard at all to admit. To this day I do not understand how she put up with me, and still does, though I'm nothing like I was when I was a teen. She is now my friend and Mother. I love her but most of all, I respect her and all she sacrificed for me and my two brothers. She worked hard everyday so we could have everything we wanted. She worked hard to fill the gap to take the place of my father. My father was very seldom around after they were divorced when I was around 9. Oh yea, Dad would come around every year or so and buy us big expensive presents, as if to make up for lost time. I remember one time my Mom crying, saying she was sorry she couldn't buy us all of those expensive things and I remembered telling her that the presents didn't matter, what mattered is she was there for us EVERY DAY!! She provided for us day in and day out. She made sure we had what we NEEDED, maybe not always what we wanted, but what we needed. That meant more to me than any of the things my dad bought for me. I love my Mother with all my heart, and I am happy that she is still here on this earth and that I am able to tell her so when I call her today and wish her a Happy Birthday.

While checking my myspace page today (My Mothers Birthday) I noticed one of my acquaintances, Dough Stanhope, a very funny comedian, (check out one of his youtube videos at the bottom of my page, he is GREAT!) had posted a bulletin. The bulletin was about his Mother. Doug's mother died today. I thought to myself, isn't it funny while celebrating my Mother's birthday, Doug is celebrating his mother's death. I say celebrating because Doug's Mother had cancer and was in pain. He included her in some of his stand up comic routines. The whole family knew this was going to happen and happen soon. I think they are probably at peace now because "Mother" is at peace now, with no pain. The only thing she probably misses the most besides her family will be her cats. You will have to listen/watch some of Doug's stand up to understand that. hahaha.

So today there are two celebrations going on.....

One for Life....
I Love You Mother and I Am So Glad You Are Still On This Earth For Me To Tell You So!!

One for Death
My Thoughts and Prayers are with you Doug, and Your Family and I'm Glad "Mother" is finally at rest and rid of her pain.

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