Saturday, October 3, 2009

This is the same post from last year.
But I thought it deserved to be posted again!!

Carving Pumpkins 101
I just started carving pumpkins about 3 years ago. Man, what fun I missed out on when I was a youngster. Now I am trying to make up for all of those years. Since I am not a regular run of the mill type person, I did not want to carve the traditional smiley face pumpkins. No, that was WAY to boring for me. I wanted something different, something where people would look at my pumpkins and say "WoW" that is cool. Well I searched and searched and finally found a website that had really unusual and very cool pumpkin carving patterns. The site Zombie There is a fee, like most sites, but you can opt to pay 5/10/15 and get over 100 very cool patterns or you can pay 20.00 and get all of the same patterns plus extra special patterns. Last Halloween my favorite pumpkin that I carved was Michael Meyers of my FAVORITE horror movie of all time, Halloween. The pic above is a pic of that carving. Now here is a picture of the pattern provided by Zombie

I know the picture of my carving is a bit blurry, but you get the idea, and hey like I said I haven't been doing this for long. I would like to give you a few more examples that the site offers. They have patterns from movies such as

Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street


Pin Head

The Joker Captain Spalding

Also they have really cool Rock~N~Roll Star's

Angus Young of AC/DC

Rob ZombieOzzy Osbourne Gene Simmons of KISS
You may be asking, do they have anything for children or for the young at heart? Why yes they do!!

Patrick Sponge Bob
Scooby Doo

And just plain spooky

So no matter if you are young or old or even if you have ever carved a pumpkin before, you should try it. It's artistic and it's awesome to see the finished product and to know you made it yourself. Please be sure to take pictures so you can show off your work to others and take pride in what you have achieved. Even if you don't do so well you will always learn from your mistakes and plus it's fun to do!! Do it as a family project or ask some friends over and have an adult pumpkin carving party! Just be sure not to drink too much before you begin carving the pumpkins, for alcohol consumption and sharp objects do not go well together. sure if you carve your pumpkins ahead of time (which is a good idea, because carving pumpkins is not a fast task) you will need information on preserving your "work of art" such as the use of petroleum jelly, saran wrap, as well as knowing to store in a cool place, soaking in water and fighting that nasty mold. I searched the web the best site I found is Zombie it has all this information and much, much, more. So all in all this website has all the information you need to be a Pumpkin Carving Master!

Happy Carving!!