Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Weather isn't the only thing that is Hot in Arizona

So friday night I headed out to Joe’s Grotto to see the debut of the band Altered Silence. Before heading out to the show I had checked the bands myspace page where they described their music as “armed with a potent set of high energy Metal with thrash and hardcore overtones mixed in with metal. “ Well, I am a very big fan of metal but not so much of thrash/hardcore, or so I thought. They didn’t have any music downloaded on their page yet… (But is promised to be there soon), so actually I didn’t know what to expect. But I was going and I was excited to see this band.

These guys hit the stage with intensity that demanded the attention of everyone there, and you know what, they got it. As I looked around the crowd, all eyes were focused on these four talented musicians. You don’t see that often…especially on a bands debut performance!

They opened their set with “Regrets”; the song had crunching guitar riffs along with thumping bad ass bass and drum fills that really made me take notice and made me smile. I really don’t hear little drum fills anymore in today’s music, and I don’t hear a whole lot of guitar anymore either and the bass, all I can say is the bassist played with such intensity that he actually broke a sting. So now do you get the picture of how intense this music is? I loved it.

With every song they played “Altered Silence” did not disappoint. Each song, “Regrets, Cloaked in White, My Illness, Grey Skies, Confession and Acid Rain” has its own unique individuality and style, each just as hard, strong and intense as the next. Some songs even had a little added sexy sound and groove. So all you Rock N Roll girls out there, you will be able to appreciate some hard metal/thrash that you can actually move your ass to!!
The band did throw in one cover song “Ace of Spades” which mixed into their set quite nicely.

If this is what thrash/hardcore/metal is well it’s not the same thrash/hardcore/metal that I have been hearing for the past few is 1,000 times better!! It was so refreshing to see such seasoned, talented musicians playing with so much stage presence and such vindication making music that was actually pleasing to the ear.

Altered Silence is one band I look forward to seeing time and time again.

A big Thank You to the band (Rude T - Bass/ Zipp - Guitar/ Joe - Vocals/ Lee - Drums)for making my night of music an exciting and enjoyable one! Cant wait until the next show!!

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