Saturday, November 1, 2008

Music The Way You Want It! ~Pandora Radio~

Music You Want To Hear When You Want To Hear It
(For Those of Us Who Don't Have Satellite Radio)
Are you ever in the mood to listen to a certain type of music and you turn on your radio without hearing anything you like? Or you hear something you like and then the next song is just awful or there are so many commercials it just breaks the whole mood? Well I have found a solution!!
There are certain times when I want to listen to just an particular genre of music. Sometimes I want Rock such as Buck Cherry or Hard Rock such as Metallica or Slayer. Sometimes the 80's hair band rock or 80's southern rock. Then there are times I want to listen to folk music such as John Prine. Other times I may want just easy listening James Taylor type stuff. Sometimes jazz, and sometimes (God Forbid) country. Yeah I said it, so sue me.
Well a few months ago while hanging out with friends one of them mentioned to me a place on the Internet I could go and make my "own" radio station. This intrigued me so I had to check this out. The site I am referring to is Pandora Radio. I must say I was a little skeptical at first but what the hell, I will try anything once. So I found the site and let me tell you I go to this site just about everyday. Especially when I am getting ready for work or doing house work.
First you sign up...which is totally free mind you. Then you just put in the name of a band or song that you would like to hear. From that point one the site will play songs that are of the same type sound. So no matter what mood you are in, and I am a very moody person, it will play whatever you are in the mood for. I love this place!! Don't worry about downloads like with other online music sources because you don't have to download anything into your computer. Which is awesome because I have been to places such as Lime Wire and such and those places have really screwed up my computer. So be assured that you can go to Pandora Radio with ease that your computer will be safe. I have never had any problems.
So the next time you have to change c.d.'s or you have so much on your I POD that what comes on next is breaking "your mood" just go to Pandora Radio and let their wizards pick out your "mood" music. They do a great job!! Another great thing is you will be turned onto a lot of other artists that you may have not even known existed at all. It is a great tool for me as I think it will be to you also.
So tune in and make your own radio stations to fit your moods.
It's worth it!!

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