Sunday, November 2, 2008

Party Like a Rock Star ~ Yes We Did!!!


So did you go to any good party's this weekend? I did, I went to a great Halloween party on Saturday night. The party was so good that its now 8:30 on Sunday night and I am still re cooperating.

This is how the night went, as much of it as I can remember. First let me say that M and G are the most fun couple I have ever met. So needless to say I knew this was going to be a great party. There was food and of course alcohol and games, games, and more games. Thank God I didn't have to spin the "Wheel of Doom" but I was in a game where you picked a number out of a bowl each number either had the word suck or blow on it. Then you had to find your partner (the person with the same number) and they would have the opposite of your "suck" or "blow".

Once you found your partner they passed out these long clear tubes that opened on each end. Inside the tube was a jello shot. I was number 3 "blow". So glad I was the "blow" and not the "suck". So my job as "blow" was to blow the jello shot into my "Suck" partners mouth. Easy enough for me. Well me and my partner took first place. She took that jello shot in one shot down the throat!! Later I found out she was an ex porn star, no wonder she did so well. I'm not saying that in a negative way at all. She did a great job and she was a very nice person.


Everyone loves costumes right? Well I went as a Peacemaker, it was comfortable and everyone loved it!!! Most everyone knew who Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers are which was a good thing. My friends had on some really cool costumes especially Big J. He was The Joker and he went all out as you can see. The first part of the evening he was The Joker in the "hospital" scene from the movie that looked a little something like this.

Then he was just The Joker in a suit and tie. He had the suit custom made for the evening and he looked really hot in it.

Here are some more pictures but I'm going to protect my friends because I don't know if they want their mugs blasted on the Internet. Kinda like protecting the not so innocent as you can see in these pics.
I was doing good drinking my tequila, having fun socializing with everyone then someone started making Absinthe shots. I have never tried Absinthe so sure I wanted a shot. No one told me that it was 110 proof. After my third shot of the night things got fuzzy and things got blurry and then everything was gone. I had pictures on my camera I do not remember taking or posing for such as these

And Now ..... The Aftermath

Thank Goodness my friends let everyone crash at their place!!

All in all it was the best Halloween party I have ever been to and I hope they throw one every year!


beth said...

Love the Captain Thunder-Bolt guy costume. Who's that supposed to be? Don't know my super heroes very well.

LadyStrange said...

He is supposed to be "Captain Underpants" which is why he had uderwear on his