Friday, November 7, 2008

History in the Making

Will you remember where you were when you heard the word of our new elected president? I think we all will, I know I will. My daughter was just getting out of the shower as I sat watching the t.v. and checking the internet. We are living in a day of "History In the Making".
I am proud to be living in this day in time. I am proud that the women I know compliment me on how my daughter is a sweet girl and she doesn't see "color" just people. That is how I want it. Though that is not how I was raised.
I was raised in Tennessee/Kentucky and if you were watching the polls you saw how those states voted. When growing up I didn't like the "race" issue. I only wanted to see people for who they were. That is one of the reasons I wanted to move from there as soon as I could. Every time I go back "home" it is still the same. I will say things have improved, but underneath it is still the same at least with the older generation. The younger generation is trying to make a change there and maybe someday they will. Let's hope they will. Because going back there is like going back in time. Any of you who have ever been in the south will know what I am talking about.
So we are now living in a new day in time. When I first saw Martin Luther King Jr. give his famous speech it made me cry. He is one of my hero's and always has been. I just hope this country can come together as one and work together to make America the Beautiful, beautiful again. It feels good to know there are so many people out there like myself who really want equality for everyone and not just say it, but mean it. I think that was proved on election night. A new generations is finally here! I am glad that I am around to see it!


beth said...

You are too young, but this election of Obama is almost exactly like when we elected Jimmy Carter. Hope it turns out better than it did back then. History has a way of repeating itself.

LadyStrange said...

Oh Beth....I hope so too!!