Monday, September 29, 2008


Something that caught my attention this past week was the interest people have in Chris Angel. I mean Chris Angel is HOT, HOT, HOT in my book. I met him at Ozzfest a few years ago and he is just as hot in person as he is on the silver screen. Also he is very, super-duper nice and cordial.
Anyways on his t.v. show Chris Angel MINDFREAK last week was very unusual and strange but that is not what was so disturbing. The disturbing part was Chris did a stunt where he was inside a car that blew up. Now on all of his other shows and his incredible stunts you always see the end result where Chris is shown and comments on the stunt. This time he did not appear…the show just went off without letting his audience know if he was alive or dead. I did some research on this and went to his myspace where he had comments from fans who were begging for him to post something and say he was okay. There were even posts where people said they had cried…thinking he was dead. Others who pleaded for him to never do this to his audience again..leaving them hanging not knowing what was the real outcome of the stunt. It has been a few days since Chris’s stunt and still no word. My opinion is he is alive…if he wasn’t it would have been on the news. There is no way the media would have let this slip by. By all means if there is any type of tragedy the media would have been all over it….
Guess we will have to wait to see if my thoughts are correct.

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