Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello everyone! I am back!
My internet service was turned off while moving but now I am back online.
I am done with my move into my new little condo and I love it.
I had so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Let me tell you a little bit about it before I have to head out the door for work.
Friends are the greatest things in life. Since I have no family here, my friends take my place of my family. I was so scared I would have no one to help me move. I woke up on moving day wondering if everyone that said they would help would actually be there. I mean it was a big football weekend and a holiday weekend so I was kinda worried. My girlfriend who was staying with me for the holiday's was there of course, but would everyone else show up. Well I got a phone call from my co-worker that she would be there around 12:00 noon instead of 9:00. No problem I thought, I had asked my friend Chris to help me and 12:00 noon seemed like a more realistic time for him to come and help than 9:00 am anyway. So I let Chris know and all was on for 12:00 noon.
First let me tell you...I am blessed. At 11:30 Chris showed up with his truck. Now we could only use his truck for the things that weren't heavy, like boxes and such, not the heavy things such as couches, bed's. Then right at 12:00 here comes my co-worker and her husband in a truck. She also had one of her son's friends and his truck following her! So I had 3 men, 3 trucks and 3 of us women. I love my co-worker she knows how to get things done!! She came in and took charge and let me tell you we were done with all of the heavy things in 2 HOURS!!
My friend Chris and I finished up the smaller odds and end's things. When we sat down to take a break after the last load for he and I it was 2:30!! I still had to go back and clean and such but all the moving was done!
So this Thanksgiving I found out that yes, I have some good friends, yes, I have some real friends! You know what they say, you find out who your true friends are when you ask them to help you move and they actually come.
I am very grateful and thankful this holiday season.
I feel blessed.

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beth said...

Sounds like a successful move. I can't say that it must have been fun doing it with your friends, as the words FUN and MOVING cannot be placed in the same sentence!